Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Spring In Her Step

One of the things I love about Stampotique stamps is how using them and a little imagination you can make just about anything! This weeks challenge is hosted by Valerie, you can find Valerie's lovely blog here and all the challenge details here. Valerie is inviting us to use springs in our projects or to make something that springs off your creation.
My legs are often not as good as they could be, and I sometimes wish I could be more like Tigger with his springy tail! So I sympathised with Agatha Pirate and her wooden leg, I cut it off, ouch! and gave her a spring so she can boing around on the ocean waves. I didn't have a spring the right size so I got some rusty wire and wrapped it round a thin brush handle and made her spring, she doesn't look very sure about it though lol.
The stamps I used are:
Art Lives Here and Skully for the sign
The parrot is part of Cactus Buddies
Agatha Pirate has some gold embossing detail for her outfit and her own little sea shell, on a little piece of driftwood and some wire for hanging.
Thank you for visiting my little blog, and remember that just by joining in the challenge you are in with a chance of winning $30/£20 to spend at the Stampotique Online Store, Good Luck!
Wishing you a lovely day and I hope your seas aren't too choppy, Sam xxx

Sunday, 19 April 2015

A Stampy Swaparoo Postcard

Mashing up stamps is proving to be a very popular thing to do right now, I hadn't mashed up stamps for a while so thought I would join the fun, talking about joining the fun . . . this month I'm running a postcard swap for the Roc Nicholas Rubber Stamp on Facebook, all the details can be found right here! There is still a day left if you would like sign up and play along.
The stamps I used for the mash are:
Feline for the head
Monster for the body
Flying Heart for the wings
Other stamps are:
Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

In The Round

This weeks challenge at Stampotique can be found here and it is hosted by Magda whose dreamy blog can be found here. Magda loves to use circles in her art and is inviting us to do the same. Amazingly I used just one stamp for this postcard and it was designed by Magda herself :) The stamp I used is called Agatha's Cup, it's a very versatile stamp indeed. 
For my postcard I stamped Agatha's cup and then painted over the little faces with gesso and a couple of coats of white paint before adding the circle design and colouring. I stamped it again and this time cut out the little faces for the centre of the flowers. I didn't count how many circles but there must be quite a few!
This postcard was really fun to make and don't forget just by entering the challenge you are in with a chance of winning a $30 that's £20 to spend at the Stampotique online store.
I do hope the sun is shining for you where ever you are, wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx

Monday, 13 April 2015

Little Stitched Houses

I love playing with wood and wire they work so well together, I got quite excited when I found some already rusty wire on eBay for a few pounds and this little piece of wood had been sitting around winking at me to use it for some time. I also love making pretty little things to have around my home.
I simply stamped the Stitched Houses stamp on white card, coloured and cut, leaving a strip along the bottom for gluing and stuck on the wood and added the bird charm.
I do hope the sun is shining for you today, Sam xxx

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Heart and Art

Years ago I purchased some craft lolly sticks thinking they would come in handy sometime, they got covered up and moved to another room etc till they were rediscovered a few weeks ago, I thought it a little unfair they weren't achieving their crafty destiny so got to work!
This is my monthly make for the Roc Nicholas Design Team and uses just Roc's stamps which can be found at the Stampotique online store HERE and some shops in the UK, I keep meaning to get a list together and put at the side of my blog for UK Stampotique stockists! That is my next mission :)
I rambled, back to lolly sticks and stamps, I lay 10 lolly sticks flat and cut some thick card to just under the same size and glued in place, then I glued the horizontal lolly stick in place. doing this gave the whole structure some strength.
I then stamped Crooked HouseFlying Heart and Art Lives Here on white card coloured and stuck on. Technical stuff lol :) Now the next bit for me involved a bit of butchery, no hate mail please. I unmounted the rubber and cut out the words of Art Lives Here so I could easily stamp the text on the horizontal lolly stick. I managed to remove it in one piece so it can be placed back in the frame and mounted to use as a whole again. I finally added some glittery and dotty details along with some pearly gems and my card is finished.
I do hope you like it and I thank you for peeking at my little blog, wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

In Stitches

Hello :) Poppy and I do hope you had a lovely Easter time with lots and lots of yummy choccies?
 It's that time of year when we start to venture outdoors to do jobs such as mowing, window cleaning and car washing and what do we find - Spiders! Love them or loathe them they seem to be everywhere, I read somewhere on the internet, so it must be true lol, that for every person on Earth there are 500.000 spiders!!!
Right back to stamps, it's Wednesday which can mean just one thing, a new challenge at Stampotique yay ;) all the details can be found here, this week our hostess is Coby, (check out her blog here), and here is what she has to say:
' I love stitches in my creations, some times stamped, sometimes made with the hand and sometimes with the sewing machine. I challenge you to use stitches in your creations.... '
My inspiration came from my best muse, Poppy. If she spots a spider, or any crawling insect, on the floor or walls she freezes to the spot and just looks at the bug, looks at me, looks at the bug, looks at me as if to say 'Are you going to get this or what?', she isn't happy till I've despatched the bug in some way. Yet one of her favourite doggy friends is a Great Dane which is huge!
I made this card for a dog/spider lover using the following Stampotique stamps:
I used a metallic thread for the stitches of the web and simply added legs and eyes to the polka dots to make eyes. Don't you just love the word discombobulated??
Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Angel Squared

Recently I have found myself making more and more cards, which fits in nicely with this weeks challenge at Stampotique, you can find all the details here, but in a nutshell Arwen is our hostess, you can find her blog here and this is what she has to say about this weeks challenge theme:
"Anyone can do a square card. I like unusual creations and would like to see other card types this week. Enjoy the implementation and I'm curious about your art works."
I may have failed this challenge by making a square card, as it was a card to be posted this card is winging it's way to Arizona! So to make it unusual I cut the very intricate aperture, around the angel, star and hanging hearts. It was difficult to get the full effect in a photo and is better in real life but I hope you get the idea.
The stamps I used are:
Don't forget that just by joining in the challenge you are in with a chance of winning a $30, that's £20 approx gift voucher to spend at the Stampotique Online Store :)
Thank you for taking the time to visit my little blog, wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Skinny Girl and Some Cakes

Just messing and painting and playing with some of my favourite stamps, they are: 
I do hope the sun shines for you today, Sam xxx

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Behind You!

Yet another week has sped by, I blinked and missed it! 
It's Wednesday again so another challenge theme begins at Stampotique, check out all the details here,
our hostess is Nellie and she is inviting us to use our favourite background technique. 
I remember reading somewhere a while ago that backgrounds are backgrounds and shouldn't dominate what you make, make of that what you will. To me a background can be anything you want it to be. Bright and cheery or subtle and understated.
 My favourite technique is to rip up an old book, at first I really struggled to do this as I love books, but I have just 2 books now that are just for this kind of thing. Once I've ripped up and stuck down bits of pages I like to paint them.
I have mentioned the arrival of Spring in previous posts but it really does feel a little like Spring now and I wanted to capture this for this weeks challenge so I chose happy colours and tried to make it look like the flowers were having a party to celebrate! 
The stamps I used are:
Agatha Star, for the star
and Tiny Handhelds, for the heart.
I hope it's Spring where you are and that you are having a lovely day, Sam xxx

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Sing a little song

Finally Spring looks like it may be just around the corner. The birds are singing their dawn chorus earlier and the daffodils are at last blooming.
It's a great time of year to see brighter colours. Talking of brighter colours this weeks challenge at Stampotique is hosted by the lovely Astrid. You can find Astrid's blog here and she is inviting us to use Neon colours in our creations. Here's what she said:
"At first I was a bit afraid of these intense colours, but after using them I really love them. They give your work such a nice 'pop'. I challenge you to use at least one Neon colour. Can't wait to see your eye popping work!"
When I saw this challenge theme I admit I was petrified. I love bright colours but neon is bright on steroids!
So I slightly wimped out and just used a touch of neon on my home decoration creation. The centre of the flowers are really neon and very bright. I was quite pleased with how they make the flowers pop.
The stamps I used are:
It's a little cute. A little whimsical with a touch of shabby chic . . . now where to hang it?
Don't forget just by entering the challenge you are in with a chance of winning $30 that's £20!!! to spend at the Stampotique Online Store here  
Wishing you a very lovely day. Sam xxx