Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Is honesty the best policy?

Over at UKStampers, Efemera has started a new Art Journalling challenge. This is my week 2 effort, ( I didn't post week 1 because I didn't like what I did!). The aim was to journal about our best and worst gift and to include some recycled card or packaging. Ozzy, my crafty dog, is my gift and I thought that maybe journalling should be honest. That way we may surprise ourselves with what we think whilst journalling which could in it self be a healing exercise or just plain fun!

Ozzy really has been one of the biggest challenges in my life. The levels of testosterone in such a small bundle of fluff was truly unbelievable. Ozzy has never destroyed any thing that he shouldn't and whilst toilet training he only ever wee'd in the house 3 times. It was and still is at times his attitude. There were times when I could have tied him to a post and left him there or dropped him off at the Dogs Trust. He is 2 years old in a few weeks and I've recently realised I love him very much and wouldn't be without him and that he can stay here with me!

Hope you like my journal page, Sam x


  1. Glad you think he's an okay pooch!!! I know what you mean though, when they have a mind of their own and get on a stubborn streak, you just wanna disown them!!!

  2. Great page Sam! And yes, it is your journal and you should be honest! You love Ozzy of course but there is a reason they call terriers "terrorists", lol!
    xoxo Karen


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