Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evening Angels

I think I may be addicted to making little hangers now! This one came about because I was thinking about my 'creations' and where I put them and they are mostly downstairs, so I thought I'd make something for my bedroom. I'm still undecided about whether Moongirl is an angel or a fairy! For this she's an angel. (note: no naked dolly stamp as promised!!!)

Hope you like it, thanks for taking the time to visit, have a fab day, Sam xxx


  1. This is just beautiful love your angel/fairy,I am myself a sucker for naked dolly ! So any time she puts in a guest appearance is fine by me.


  2. Beautiful hanging Sam. Love the background colours & I can see lots of sparkle. Ooh, I love Moon Girls wings :) Would you believe I spent an hour online this morning trying to track down your dolly..couldn't find her anywhere!! I think they must all be hiding at yours! ;)

    Have a great weekend..sending Poppy & Ozzy lots of hugs. Gez.xx

  3. This is just precious! Love it. :-)

  4. Beautiful creation Sam! I still love MoonGirl! I love that you got the words Full Moon in her wings! You are so clever! Lovely calming colours in this, perfect for your bedroom!
    xoxo Karen

  5. She's beautiful Sam! Love the saying! xx


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