Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sticky Ways

Gordon Bennet it's been 3 weeks since my last blog!
Here's my lastest DT make for Happy Daze.....

I do love pretty things so decided to change a boring, clear plastic sellotape dispenser into something lovely for my tissue tape. Pop over to the Happy Daze Blog for details.
Wishing you a lovely, sticky day, Sam xxx


  1. What a great idea Sam, it's really brightened it up, really like the text background with the flowers on top!

    The dog I made the card for is doing ok, he damaged his knee while running about and had to have an operation, but he's young and healthy so he'll soon be back to normal!

    Rose xxx

  2. You're a genius - I've just been and dug out my empty tape dispenser (I knew I was keeping it for a reason) and my tissue tape fits perfectly. Will decorate mine later... Thanks for your inspiration! JulieD x

  3. Great way to liven up a boring desk item, love it!

  4. Brilliant idea Sam, I love it.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. What a great idea. love it. Makes it look so pretty. thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela

  6. Great idea and lovely result.

  7. Fantastic idea, looks really lovely.

  8. Lovely piece, I have to copy it!


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