Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cowboys and Dreams

My secret will no longer be a secret after you have read this.
All my life I have had  'a thing' for cowboys. At school all the girls dreamed of marrying princes and I dreamed of cowboys. For almost 20 years I have had the most huge, massive, great big crush on Garth Brooks, he is well . . . yummy. I daydream that one day he will pull up on my drive in a magical pick up truck and whisk me off to Oklahoma. Well the other day I actually very nearly pee'd my pants. This wonderful dreamy blue pick up truck pulled up on the neighbours drive. I thought this was it, maybe Garth had just got the wrong drive. Alas it was not Garth come to sweep me off my feet but visitors visiting next door. Sigh. I shall continue to dream.
So I never forget what a complete wally I am I made this 10in x 10in hanging. I can't draw so the Butterfly is an Elusive Images stamp and the pick up truck is an Artistic Outpost stamp, the flourishes are Hero Arts and Crafty Individuals. 
Wishing you a dreamy day, Sam xxx


  1. Lol aw one day Sam. Brilliant hanging.xx

  2. Your post made me laugh and your creation is gorgeous - you really know how to use those SuziBlu stamps! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a cowboy for you - must admit, Daniel Craig as a cowboy in Cowboys and Aliens made me go a bit wobbly... Julie x

  3. Oh wow this is so lovely Sam.
    Absolutely perfect. Awesome. xoxo

  4. Ha ha ha, you crack me up, love your secret cowboy fetish. I hope someday Wild Bill Hickok will come and majestically sweep you off on his stallion (or pick up truck) I always liked the Indians myself partial to the longhair and feathers!! This is a fabulous hanging and I love your beautiful cowgirl she looks stunning in her pink stetson. xx

  5. Oh Sam, I think she is lovely. Continue to dream, we all have them.
    And don't say you can't draw, I think your girl is lovely and adore her stetson.
    Lesley ♥

  6. LOL Sam, keep on dreaming. Your hanging is fabulous.
    xxx Hazel.

  7. a dreamy piece of art Sam! for me it would have to be Daniel Craig, I loved his character from cowboys & aliens ;o) xxx


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