Saturday, 14 June 2014

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!!

Summer has arrived in England, Poppy and I are feeling the heat so to bring a new meaning to the phrase 'melt art' here is a beeswax finished ATC featuring my most favourite doggy stamp enjoying an ice cream.
All stamps are Stampotique which can be found here
Hope the sun is shining for you too, Sam xxx


  1. Gorgeous make, I love the sunshine and the pink ice-cream. My furball Oscar helped with my ice-cream, he's 19 and loves the stuff! Elizabeth x

  2. I waited until about 4:00 this afternoon for the sun to arrive and take care of the intense humidity today, but arrive it did--soaring the temps to almost 80 degrees. It was welcome, however. We really didn't have much of a Spring, as often happens in New England. We tend to go right from Winter to Summer! Love your ATC today, Sam! Does Poppy eat ice cream? This made me smile!

  3. Aw, this is so lovely. Love how you gave him shades and an ice-cream ! Lovely background colours too !
    Corrie x

  4. A very cool pooch - love it Sam xx

  5. Reading you make me smile! :)) I tell you it again on your blog Sam, this is really cute, funny and... hot lol!! Hugs to miss Poppy (and you too hee-hee) Coco xxx

  6. I know we shouldn't complain about the weather but it is rather warm isn't it??? Lovely to see the sunshine though and I beaver away in the garden for an hour here and there rather than work solidly throughout - can't take the heat!!
    Just love your pink doggy, wonder if he would share his ice cream? Love his shades :)
    Hope you and Poppy had a lovely weekend in the shade licking ice creams :) Our doggy loved ice cream xx

    1. A fabulous ATC, the colours are beautiful and I love his shades.
      xxx Hazel.

  7. One of my favourite things is to watch and listen to people's comments about the weather. I love the rain and am not a sun lover so these last few days have been quite unbearable. Am glad the sun has given people a new level of discussion.

    Fantastic card :-) xxx

  8. ROFL, he is just too cool!
    We've had rain today and even on the sunny days, not the temperatures reached by those in many parts of England, then again it is always cooler in Scotland. I'm okay with that as I am not a sun bunny.


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