Monday, 9 June 2014

Something New :)

Don't you just love new stamps??
This little dog is just one of my new Suzi Blu stamps I think he's super cute.
I'm loving pink dogs at the moment!!! My love of pink dogs has inspired me to change my blog title to The Pink Dog Blog.
This is a beeswax finished canvas, and the sentiment I got made in to a stamp after I spotted my friend Roc using it. A few words can say so much.
 Of course Poppy helped as always :)
Hope your soul is blossoming today, Sam xxx


  1. So cute Sam. Love it!
    I love pink too. So does Phoebe.

  2. Love the new blog title and look, Sam! I now can't imagine a blog by any other name for you, and, of course, Princess Wiggle Pants! Great texture in this colorful canvas. I am loving all the texture!

  3. Ohhhh it's so darn cuuute! You changed the blog's name!! More pink dogs, then!

  4. A lovely canvas Sam - the little pink dog is so cute.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. That's very cute!! :))) Great work by Poppy too, what a fabulous assistant you have lol! ;) Hugs, Coco xxx

  6. Love this Sam, & your new title is perfect! xxx

  7. Congratulations of your new Blog name, looks great! Fab card, you can see the beeswax texture, lovely sentiment :-) xx

  8. He is definitely very cute Sam. Hugs Annette x

  9. Very pink, very cute ! I think it is adorable ! Corrie x

  10. Oh isn't he cute, love him! Certainly matches the new blog name which confused me at first!!
    Hugs to you and Poppy xxxxxx

  11. An enforced absence but good to visit you (and Poppy).
    I thought I was elsewhere, the name change had me confused .... I get easily confused I guess LOL.
    This speaks of optimism and I for one absolutely love it.
    Wishes to you and Poppy


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