Saturday, 26 July 2014

Jack The Lad

A short and sweet post today as I just wanted to share a card I made for Jack using Stampotique stamps :)
Here is the latest photo of Jack, it's been incredibly warm here in the UK so he's been enjoying time in his little swimming pool in my garden. (Poppy is sitting behind Jack, she just has to get in on everything!)
 Jack is now 7 months old and growing fast :)
He is super, SUPER cute don't you think??
Wishing you a lovely weekend, Sam xxx


  1. Fantastic project
    and so cute foto
    hugs and kisses

  2. Oh my goodness that photo is such a cute one, to capture a moment like that is so sweet. I love your card too, so cute and just perfect

  3. Love this card Sam, beautiful and understated background and Jack is such a cutie :D Gay x

  4. Both the art and the child (Jake) are precious!

  5. Sorry, Sam, that was supposed to be Jack. Jake, of course, is my dog!

  6. Cute! Both of them,
    Amanda x

  7. Your postcard is nearly as adorable as Jack (we all agree, Jack more than pips the post as the clear winner!).
    Love the background - in fact, I love the whole whimsical package.
    We've had heavy rain and also thunder and it is a dreich evening, very dark in fact. Maybe that is summer over and done with for 2014.
    Sam, thanks for sharing your beautiful art and that sweet photograph of Jack.
    (How is Poppy managing in the heat?)

  8. Little Jack is super-duper-cute ! And so is your card ! Great colour combo !
    Corrie x

  9. Oh my word 7 months old already!! Doesn't time fly? Our littlest grandson has just had his first birthday and like Jack loves water. He is cuddly cute Sam :) Of course Poppy has to get in on the act lol. Have a lovely weekend and hugs to you and Poppy xxx Keep your fingers crossed for us as we MAY soon have good news LOL x

  10. Gorgeous card, very cute picture of Jack. Can see why you made him such a special card.

    Hope Poppy is coping with the heat i know i'm not! :-) xxx

  11. I love your card and Jack is sooooooo cute.
    xxx Hazel.

  12. Your card and Jack are both so cute Sam, but they grow up far too quickly. It's good to see Poppy on guard duty in the background :-) xx

  13. He is super cute Sam!!!
    Lovely picture of him :)
    Hope it gets a little cooler soon for him x

  14. Already admired it on FB as you know, this is a wonderful card Sam, absolutely adorable!! and Jack looks so sweet on this photo!!! Poppy must love him... unless she's jealous?.. I hope she's not! Hugs Coco xxxx

  15. What a cutie pie! Great card! xxx


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