Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Enjoy Life!

I find it SO very hard to throw empty glass jars away, or even just to put them in the recycle bin, they are just too . . . well nice really.
There is a well know marmalade maker that have these wonderful stripey lids which make their jars even more lovely to keep. This particular jar started off as a money box for Poppy when I found a £20 note whilst walking her one day, but I didn't find anymore money and the £20 went on one of Poppy's hair do's so I washed it and now it contains treats. Now please don't tell Poppy that I cut one treat in to three pieces to make three treats for her, she'll never speak to me again ;)
This weeks challenge at Stampotique Designers Challenge Blog is hosted by the very lovely Sue, you can find her blog here.
This week Sue is inviting us to use animals or birds in our creations, here is what Sue has to say:

Napoleon once said that the English are a nation of shopkeepers.What he should have said is that we are a nation of animal lovers. Nearly everyone I know has got a cat or dog, a pet rabbit or bird, and I know that my Stampotique teamies have their pets too. So this week we're celebrating the fur and feathers and I challenge you to create something with either animals or birds. So put your best paw forward and bring it on.
Have fun!

So of course Poppy was my muse :)
The stamps I used are:
and the fab doggy character is Every Girl and Dog

Poppy did help in the making and the photo shoot lol

Wishing you a lovely day filled with yummy treats, Sam xxx (and Poppy)


  1. Oh Sam this is gorgeous! I love the Poppy pinks and purples and the stamps are soooo sweet. I promise not to tell her that you cut her treats up - I know you're only looking after her figure ;-) Hope you both have a fab day and find lots of sticks (that one's for Poppy lol) xx

  2. Love this Sam and that picture of Poppy and the jar is too cute!

  3. At least now we can recycle them rather than they end up in landfill. But I know what you mean - there's something very satisfying about a solidly made glass jar. I love how you've upcycled it for Poppy's treats.

  4. Fantastic jar beautifully decorated and i can see why Poppy is dying to get her face in there, she wants her treats lol. Such fab inspiration :-) xxx

  5. Sam that is delightful and a great way to recycle a jar. I, too, hate throwing away jars. A great way to keep Poppy's treats to hand :)
    Hugs to you and Poppy xxxxx

  6. Great recycle idea Sam! Looks like Poppy is more interested in what's inside !
    Corrie x

  7. Oh no,better not show this jar to my cat,she will want one!

    Brilliant creation Sam,fun and practical

    Donna xxx

  8. It's lovely and so sweet, Sam!
    I, too, cut in two or three the treats for Dido, I think she got it by now.. :-)

  9. Beautiful jar, love the colours. I will not tell about the treats. :)

  10. This is just such a delightful project, Sam (and Poppy, too)! I had to laugh when you mentioned that you cut the treats in thirds, as, even as big as Jake is, I do the same thing! Love the colors you chose for your jar, and the images all make the jar itself a treat! Well done!

  11. A brilliant treat jar, it looks like Poppy thinks so too.
    xxx Hazel.

  12. This is perfect Sam! A beautiful pot for Poppy's treats.
    Alison xxx

  13. Poppy, I am convinced you become more adorable each time you share one of the photographs your sweet Mum takes of you.
    Now, Poppy shut your eyes as I chat with your Mum.
    I suspect Poppy is on to you with your sneaky actions of cutting the treat into three! I am glad my furry nephew is not sitting beside me (he was here earlier in the evening) as I am sure he would want some of those treats. Although poor Kyle, he has cataracts so I imagine Poppy's treats are safe. Anyway, my furry Nephew was spoilt this evening with a little dish of Greek yoghurt, that was after he demolished some turkey (yes, I might be a strict vegetarian but he isn't prepared to follow in my footsteps).
    A cute and practical way to re-cycle the jar. You alway sprinkle a touch of adorable magic onto all your creations.

  14. An adorable jar for treats, so bright and beautifully decorated that Poppy must be over the moon! :) She is the most loved and "chouchouté" dog in the world, so probably the happiest with such a lovely and good mum!! Have a lovey week-end Sam, hope the weather will be sunny as in France in this moment! big hugs Coco xxx


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