Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Girlie Girl

The recent new releases from Stampotique are great fun!!, and what could be more fun than combining favouite new stamps with your favourite colours?? Nellie is our host at Stampotique this week and she is inviting us to play with our favourite colours, here is what she has to say:

"No explanation needed for this week's challenge. I'm asking you to use your favourite colours. Use as many colours as you want to. I think we all have favourite colour combinations, , colours that always match, colours that work for us, colours we turn to when we lack a bit of inspiration. Mine are variations of green and blue. What are yours?"

 My favourite colour combination is pink and turquoise with a splash of yellow and the stamps I have used to make this very girlie ornament are:
Unicorn's Cousin (for the socks)
and Tiny Hand Helds (for the handbag)
I love brightly coloured and patterned socks so couldn't resist giving Nina some socks of her own, well, I suppose they are borrowed ;) I hand drew some bows for Nina's hair and finally added what every girlie girlie needs . . . some sparkle . . .
I do hope you like it and find time to join in the challenge!
Wishing you a fabtastic sparkly day, Sam xxx


  1. This is so cute and eye catching, love it.
    Julie x

  2. I'm in love!! This is soooo cute Sam,I just love the little socks,brilliant idea :)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  3. I love this Sam - I had a sparkly day yesterday playing with some glitter paste.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. I love those socks. But I am surprised you did not give her a puppy. :) x

  5. Aww I just love that you do these 3d projects, so cool and so awesome!

  6. That's just uber super CUTE Sam, I love her neglected look and her spots, everything is absolutely perfect anc so lovely!!!! Hugs (a big hug to Poppy too hope she's well) Coco xxx

  7. Omjeepers x
    You can never gets toooo cute....
    ....or toooo pink x
    Totally adorable, totally delightful - love Nina and her 'new' handbag 'n' snazzy socks :-D
    Kassa xoxo

  8. Love her Sam and the words. Annette x

  9. So cute ! Wonderful 3D project !
    Corrie x

  10. I love brightly colored and patterned socks, too, Sam! Nina is lucky to have you for her personal fashion designer! Well done!

  11. Just brilliant...I love her Sam! xxx

  12. It is fabulous Sam, love her sparkly bows and flashy socks :)
    Hugs to you and Poppy xxxx

  13. If this was in my home I would smile all day long :)
    She is precious and I am head over heels with that sentiment you created .... this could not be any more perfect.
    Thank goodness for your art to warm the heart.
    Wishes to you and Poppy. I wonder if Poppy will be in hiding come tomorrow evening.


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