Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wishing Star

'Tis Wednesday again already, I honestly can not believe how time is flying.
 The very lovely Corrie is our hostess at Stampotique this week and Corrie is inviting us to Use Book Text in our creations. 
I used to REALLY struggle with things like this, I was taught to have a deep respect for any book, however, I loaned a book to a friend a couple of years ago and when returned it had been in an accident involving a cup of tea, so many pages were stained and wrinkled. I stopped loaning books and the book in the accident is the book I now rip up and cut, I have to tell myself it's being recycled and reused!!
I also made a card for this challenge, I'm not much of a card maker but I had the urge so went with it. 
I like all of my creations but every now and again I make something that I really, really love and don't want to part with, this card is one I want to keep!
I do hope you like it too.
The stamps I used are:

From this angle you can see the glossy accent, stickles and sticky gem details which give it a little dimension.
Thank you for looking, wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. It's a good thing your friend doesn't have the respect for books that you do, Sam, or you'd be stuck for this challenge (seriously, she didn't buy you a replacement copy? That's bad). Anyway, you've ended up with a great background for a fabulous card. If you could part with it you could send it to her!

  2. It's gorgeous, Sam! I love the background made with the book pages, it's one of my favourite stuff to use.
    For I while i really dislike to loan my books too, for a similar accident, then, I have to move leaving the books behind, and I begged people to take them...quite strange...:-)

  3. Fab card Sam no wonder you want to keep it, love it!
    Amanda x

  4. Fantastic dimension and textures from the cut up bits of book pages that you seem to have collaged into a background. The frame not being the same size has helped with give the off the page look, thanks for this tip!

    Can see why you want to keep your card, it is pretty spectacular :-) xxx

  5. I too struggle with tearing up books but I finally went to the thrift store and bought a few I can tear apart just for crafting.

  6. Hi Sam, love your really cute card, no wonder you want to keep it, Annette x

  7. Your card is gorgeous Sam. I wouldn't part with it either and just imagine you didn't tear up the book; you wouldn't have this lovely card !
    Corrie x

  8. And so you should be proud of it Sam, it is a delightful card. Shame on your friend returning a book in that condition! I no longer loan my books because I have 'lost' so many over the years. I treasure my books however now and again I come across some that I wish I hadn't bought and those I use whenever book pages are needed in my art work :)
    Hugs to you and Poppy and hope you can avoid the rain xxx

  9. What you made with the book is lovely!
    I understand how you feel I keep some music books and an old dictionary for use!
    Have a lovely weekend

  10. I can understand why you don't want to part with it. Very sweet.

  11. This is gorgeous Sam, and beautifully coloured! xxx

  12. This would be beautiful displayed on a wall - love the colours and also the hanging stars and hearts.
    I completely relate to your feeling towards books, I use really old, tattered books but initially I struggled to even use those.
    Anyway, I love this creation.


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