Monday, 15 December 2014

A Cheesey Kiss for Christmas

This is my December creation and contribution to the very wonderful Roc Nicholas Design Team. It started life as a this wood container for Camembert cheese, once empty which wasn't difficult to achieve, I glued down some peeled cardboard and painted with pink paint around the inside edges.
I added a little piece of cardboard for the bunnies to stand on and added some white paint, glitter and star sequins to give lots of festive bling.
All of Roc's brilliant stamp designs can be found at Stampotique, but if you click here it will take you straight to Screaming Bunny.
I used another Stampotique stamp called Mistletoe.
I would like to take this chance to announce that I am honoured to be remaining on the Roc Nicholas Design Team for 2015, you can check out Roc's blog here
On the outside of I used a die to decorate with glittery white card.
It's bringing a lovely sparkle to my kitchen for Christmas :)
Wishing you a lovely day, hoping all your Christmas preparations are going to plan!
Sam xxx


  1. Kiss! They look like they're about to take chunks out of each other with those fearsome teeth :-) Love their glittery pink inner ears. Fab!

  2. So very clever, Sam! You are always thinking outside of the creative box (this time in a circle), and you are good at it! Love this Christmas kiss!

  3. Sparkly pink ears are just the ticket Sam and i love the use of the cheese box, a lovely fun project :-) xxx

  4. How cute is that! Hope they leave it at a kiss otherwise you might have a kitchen full of baby screaming bunnies !
    Corrie x

  5. A fabulous hanging Sam and a great way to use that lovely container. Hugs to you and Poppy xxxx

  6. What sort of kissing is that!!!!!! Seriously, they are going for it, aren't they LOL.
    Brilliant ornament, wonderful whimsical. Sam, you really do create the most amazing quirky and whimsical art so it is little wonder you are to remain on the DT for 2015 ... so well deserved.
    Does Poppy still need her eye drop treatment?

  7. Fabulous creation with Roc's stamps Sam, so fun and lovely!!! Hugs Coco xxx


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