Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Only Way Is Up . . .

. . . when you are a little rabbit with a balloon :)
This was inspired by the windy weather of the past couple of days, whilst walking Poppy her ears were flapping around and at one point I was quite worried she may get blown away ;)
It's has been absolutely ages since I last made a memory glass trinket, the stamps I used are:
All images were stamped on clear shrink plastic and coloured with Prismacolour pencils, superglued in place and then the glass box was constructed by super gluing together and then dipping in molten embossing powder with some beads for feet.
Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. A very interesting idea to make a memory glass trinket. Gorgeous x

  2. Ohmy! It's so pretty, and everything is made with shrink plastic, so I suppose it's so tiny, too!

  3. Love this Sam, very clever.

  4. This is wonderful Sam. It has been a tad blustery out there recently :) Hugs to you and Poppy xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Sam
    You are Queen of Adorable Art and this is why! Seriously, this is the cutest of cute. What strikes me is that I use the words cute and adorable but at the same time your art, although always whimsical, it has a grown-up air to it. It is never childish. You are such a master of this style.
    I have never worked with glass slides in this way but anyway, I could never accomplish something such as this.
    Wishes to you and Poppy on this very windy Sunday night.
    Lynne x

  6. Beautiful project Samantha, this is so fun and inventive. I love that you made it a box!

  7. What an amazing piece, construction wise. And your shrink plastic Poppy and her ears blowing away in the wind really mades me chuckle. Brilliant, Sam.

  8. A wonderful glass box Sam, Love the floating rabbit haha, fabulous inspiration!!! Hugs, Coco xxx

  9. Love your ingenuity, your memory glass project is stunning Sam, can i say i think this is going to be one of my favourite projects of 2015, i know we are in January but when something touches your imagination it stays...

    WOW!!! :-) xxx

    ps glad Poppy didn't get carried away and she has survived the windy weather:-) xxx

  10. I have always loved "Upward Bound" and his message here is perfect!

  11. This is just beautiful Sam, I love how you make these xx


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