Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sail Away

 Susan K.Weckesser has just launched her Create to Live Autumn 2015 Colour Challenge all of the details can be found here but in a nutshell look at the lovely picture below and think about the simple things you enjoy and then using the colours shown make some art. Simples really!
As soon as I saw the image the purples and orange made me think of sunsets. I LOVE sunsets! Then the dark purple and blue made me think of the sea. You got it! I LOVE being beside the sea. Putting those two thoughts I used one of Susan's stamps called Sail Away and made this ATC:
I know my colours aren't an exact match but this is my interpretation. The colours are there in a diluted way because I really wanted to make this using watercolours which I've not used before.
There is something quite dreamy about watching boats and wondering where they have been and where they are going. Are there any pirates aboard . . . you get my drift.
Susan's stamp can be found here and the words are from the ever useful Stampotique stamp called Tall Word Collage which can be found here
I do hope you are having a lovely day. Sam xxx


  1. This is beautiful, Sam. The soft watercolors are perfect for a sunset sail on the sea!

  2. The watercolours work an absolute treat, in fact I couldn't imagine you working with anything but watercolours to achieve this beautiful fluid effect. Those waves have such motion to them that I am in fear of being sea sick!!! I am always in awe of the whimsical nature you bring to all your art.

    Hope Poppy is taking good care of you!

  3. Such a peaceful artwork, I can really hear the waves. And the sea diluted the colours, obviously :-)

  4. Very dreamy...I love it Sam! xxx

  5. I love your ATC Sam, I can just see your lovely little boat bobbing up and down in your lovely waves.
    xxx Hazel.

  6. Every creation an inspiration Sam....Ray. xx

  7. Love your reverie Sam, and your choice of colours for the sunset, sea and boat are so beautiful!! Perfect watercoloring and everything works well!!! :D
    Also the stamps are very nice.
    Big hugs to you and Poppy, back on your blog on a more regular pace very soon now :)
    Coco xxx

  8. Sam I share your love of sunsets and the sea ( well, by sea i mean water in general - find it very therapeutic ) so goes without saying I love this . You really have captured a real soothing feel with those colours and so much movement with those waves . Watercolour was definitely the way to go . A beauty big hugs xx


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