Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas Robin

I have actually made almost all of my Christmas cards this year!
This one was great fun to make however I forgot to take a photo when he was completely finished. He ended up sitting in glittery snow lol. All of the colouring was done using Derwent watercolour pencils ;)
I can share now because he's reached his destination and he was liked :) How did he get there? He flew of course. Air Male!
Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. Of course he was liked!!!!!
    This wee birdie is adorable in his wooly hat with pompoms dangling and such great colours. This card would bring joy into any household over the festivities.
    Hope you and Poppy are having a lovely weekend :)

  2. Hey Sam --- You didn't say what you colored this sweetie with. I love the coloring on the whole card!!
    sandy xx

    1. No I didn't! I coloured using Derwent watercolour pencils.
      Thanks for your lovely comments Sandy :) :) :)

  3. Sweet Tweet, Sam! Love your Christmas Robin!

  4. aww I'm loving your Christmas Rogin card ! Samantha . Love all those delicate colour tones . So glad he was loved when he reached his final destination
    big hugs xx

  5. Absolutely wonderful and super cute!!!!! Just pinned this one on one of my Pinterest boards with some favourite craft makes (with birds) by some friends or others... :D
    Big big my dear Sam Hugs xxxx


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