Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wot! No stamping?

This is my first attempt at painting! It's quite a large canvas and not all the details show on the photo but I could have done so better, but that's part of the journey. Back to the drawing board me thinks.

The paints used are Claudine Hellmuth except for the green backgroud which is a B&Q tester pot.

Hope you like it, thanks for looking, come back soon, Sam x


  1. I think that looks fab! Love the hearts on strings and the butterfly especially - the whole composition hangs together really well, great job!

  2. Very nice art Sam......looks super, I can't paint for toffee !!

  3. Impressive, a beautiful piece of art, clever you

  4. this is lovely and you so CAN paint!

  5. This is really lovely - you have a lovely quirky style.


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