Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A Home Decor Thingy . . .

. . . isn't it fascinating, that the inspiration for this came from the bingo numbers?, which is a new stamp at Happy Daze. It's either fascinating or maybe I'm a bit of a nut job. Now I've made it I'm off to find somewhere to put it!! TTFN.
Thanks for looking,
Sam x


  1. Inspiration comes from all over the place Sam, sometimes the least expected of places!!! Glad it did though as it's fab.

    Where have you decided to put it?

  2. These colours are so sunny - and I just realised you are quite near me in Evesham - I am in Warwick

  3. Really happy looking piece, fab stuff!

  4. This is a really lovely hanging, lots of lush colour.

  5. Absolutely love this Sam! You do colour so well!
    Alison x

  6. How gorgeous! The colours are wonderful and those bingo flowers so effective. All your work is so colourful, love everything on your blog!


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