Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dogs Rule . . .

This is the recipe

This is my dish

. . . they just let us think we do! I thought I should include Ozzy on the blog purely because I haven't for a while and he is my crafty dog! I have just discovered a new challenge website called Chicken Soup . It is especially for people with poorly mojo's, or not. Ozzy does rule this house so this recipe was very easy for me, and who's dog wouldn't like a bone that big? I tried to keep the whole thing masculine and scruffy looking, Ozzy is due a haircut next week.

Hope you like it and thanks for lOOking, Sam x


  1. They sure do.

    He looks like he's enjoying his bone, not sure he's too happy about the hat though!!!!

  2. Oh my - how cute is your crafty dog?! Love your take on this weeks recipe :)

  3. love the dog!cool image and visuals! xo

  4. Great take on the prompt, fun design!

  5. You cooked up a great dish from the recipe. Cute picture.

  6. that is so cool! what a great take on the image, and he is just tooo cute!


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