Monday, 27 December 2010

A crafty card from my other half!

Top to bottom is front, middle and back.
This card was lovingly made for me by my other half, Ray. Ray doesn't 'do' crafty things, however, I must have looked very upset when he said he was buying me a card because 3 hours later this appeared. The photo's don't really do the whole thing justice but I do hope you get the idea.
Ray would appreciate any comments! Thanks for looking, Sam x


  1. What a fabulous card! Looks like you have competition Sam! xx

  2. WOW Sam, I say that to Martin so he just doesn't bother with a card of any sorts!!!!

  3. ROFL Fabulous had to read all the words! think you got one of the good guys XOXO Zoe

  4. Absolutely BRILLIANT!
    Definately one to treasure.
    Tell Ray to get his thinking cap back on again soon ready for the 14th Feb. ;)
    Wishing you both Happy Holidays.xx

  5. Fab crafting effort should start to do crafting as a hobby !!

  6. Brilliant! I think you should encourage Ray in his creativity (as long as he doesn't nick all your stash LOL.

  7. oo err that is fab! All mu hubby could manage is a photo of the dog in snow printed onto paper!
    Totally well done Ray!

  8. I would say to hang on to Ray! What a great combination, he is loving AND crafty!


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