Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Happy Cat!

Introducing my happy cat, despite being a shocking shade of girly pink and wearing a princess hat I'm sure it's a boy! Any suggestions for a name?
He came to being because I wanted to try something completely different and I really don't like sewing so it was a challenge too. I had some felt from a pound shop and the template came from Pretty Little Felts, a fab book that Santa bought me.
I'm sure he'll be appearing again soon, hope you like him, thanks for looking, Sam x


  1. He's super! His face is so full of character and I love his vibrant pinkness!

  2. He is certainly bright !!! Great piece of felt art !!

  3. Awww, he is wonderful! And yes, even with his doo-dads and sparkles he looks like a boy. Seeing as he has a crown he must a Prince somebody-or-other!
    You are a multi-talented crafter my friend!
    xoxo Karen

  4. He's a cutie! I liked Karen's idea - Prince! x

  5. Your cat made me smile immediate! Awesome!


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