Saturday, 12 February 2011

Heal, hope and happiness . . .

. . . is an atc swap over at UKStampers organised by Sam, not me another Sam!
I thought I would try to do something different to my 'normal' way of doing things and I had this picture in my head of three very delicate looking atc's, they went a little wrong and it took me ages to find heal, hope and happiness in the book I'm recycling at the moment, but the words I did find were very interesting and will be used for other stuff! I started with blank atc's and used wallpaper lining paper to get some texture and that worked really well.
Hope you like them, thanks for looking, Sam x


  1. These look fab Sam, lovely recycling going on there!

  2. Lovely, very delicate, I love the numerical table fragments.

  3. Great job. They turned out really nice. Good mistake! Angela

  4. These are gorgeous! And I'm so impressed you found the words from a book. Love the textured background paper, too.

  5. Three delicate and beautiful cards Sam! I don't know what "went a little wrong" but the end is result is fab!
    xoxo Karen

  6. lovely very pretty soft colours x


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