Monday, 21 February 2011

How much do I love Suzi Blu stamps? .......

............ ALOT! I really do love them! I got this Suzi stamp from Make The Day Special to celebrate a newbie coming to join Ozzy and myself next Tuesday. Poppy a little black dog who will be 8 weeks old is joining us, so I may not blog for a while!! When Ozzy was a pup I swore I would never have another but I feel Ozzy needs someone who can talk dog with him. So this card is to welcome Poppy to the madhouse!

Hope you like it, thanks for looking, Sam x


  1. I love it! Such great colours and love the flourishes in the hair and background. The stamp is lovely too.
    And congrats on your new furbaby! :)

  2. It's gorgeous Sam! Have fun with your new pup! xx

  3. Those Suzi Blu stamps are amazing aren't they! Love your card - gorgeous paper piecing. :-)

  4. P.S. Have a look at my blog, I have a little award for you. :) x

  5. Fabulous card. I love Suzi Blu too! Hope it's all going well with your new arrival. Have fun..xx

  6. Hello!

    Oooooh... beautiful new work on your blog! I love your style!!

    I placed a blog-post about the OWOH door-prizes I won! ...I was a very lucky girl! Feel free to take a look!!

    Thanks again!!

    Saskia :)


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