Friday, 5 August 2011

Joy of puppyhood

This decorative hanging was made for my first tutorial as a Gingersnap Muse. The theme for the month of August is the Joys of Childhood, my daughter turned 20 a couple of days ago so I thought I would turn my attention to my fur baby, Poppy. Along with the usual challenges a puppy brings Poppy has bought much joy to us as she is so delightful. In the photo I used she was 8 1/2 weeks old and was just big enough or small enough to fill one hand.

Hope you like it, thanks for looking, Sam xxx


  1. I love the "Princess Wiggle Pants." Being such a dog person, I just love wall hanging! What a special and beautiful way to celebrate Poppy, who by the way is adorable!

  2. I am in that happy mood that only puppies can bring on!

  3. This is very cute! You do lovely work. I used to stamp quite a lot but not so much any more. I was never very good at card making :) yours are wonderful!


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