Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sycamore Wings

Octobers challenge at Crafty Individuals is 'Winged Things'

Of course with all the fab Crafty Individual wingy stamps I was spoilt for choice, then whilst walking the dogs yesterday I found these Sycamore wings, well Ozzy found them and made them his first! Not the ones I used though!!

I found myself remembering as a child throwing them up in the air and watching them come to the ground spinning, magic.

I used CI 226 and CI 021.

Below is a non Crafty Individual sycamore wings creation using memory glass that I wanted to share. Wishing you a lovely day with lots of stampyness, Sam xxx


  1. Hi Sam
    Very creative!! I like the use of the butterfly stamp and of course Beauty.
    Thanks for joining us at the CI Challenge.

  2. Hehehehe!!!! Fabulous Sam xxxx

  3. Hi Sam. What a fabulous idea. Love your project.
    Regards Florence.

  4. Such a fantastic idea, love the wings.

  5. This is a lovely project - a great idea.
    xxx Hazel.

  6. A pretty autumnal entry Sam. Thanks for joining in the challenge again this month. Jean

  7. So beautiful & creative Sam! Clever Ozzy! I still have to throw those little 'helicopter wings' in the air when I see them! ;o) xx

  8. A great and original creation just love the wings, used to have great fun with these too, what a clever Ozzy dog for finding you the inspiration!! lol.


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