Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Arms or Carrots?

Not a very glam post for Joe this time, he was looking rather dapper in pink I thought! (see previous post)

This atc sized, look where I've planted my carrots creation was made for the current challenge at Gingersnap Creations where the theme is Farm Fresh.

I can't take credit for the absolute genius behind this, that must go to my daughter Vicky who first created the atc below. It was Vicky who realised that Joe's arms and hands actually look like carrots!!
Mind you, they say there is a fine line between genius and madness, em think I'll leave that there.
(Joe is 'Head' by Stampotique)

Thanks for taking the time to visit, wishing you a very happy 5 a day day,
Sam xxx


  1. Sheer genius! Like mother, like daughter! xx

  2. i thinks its lush, i love them xx

  3. The addition of carrots added a twist :-}


  4. I think yours is way better than mine ;)

  5. Love the carrots theme :) Two beautiful atc's!

  6. Joe looks fantastic - so cool. :)

  7. this is darling! thanks for playing at Gingersnap Creations. take care, gerri

  8. Congratulations on being chosen as a Ginger Gem, Sam!!



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