Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Woofy Christmas

I'll give you three guesses as to what this could be....



no... never mind,

yesterday Poppy went to her groomer for an afternoon of pampering, that's what I call it, however, I think Poppy would probably call it torture! At the end of Poppy's grooming Sue gave her her Chrismas pressie, it was this lovely little collar thingy!
Here is Poppy, actually keeping still, to model it very graciously!
There are some very clever crafters out there, I would never had thought of making these and they are soooo cute!
Thanks to Sue the groomer and Sue the crafter!

Wishing you a warm, crafty day, Sam xxx


  1. Aww how sweet does she look Sam, gorgeous

    Sam xxx

  2. Such a great idea, looks really wonderful on Poppy :)

  3. Poppy looks gorgeous after her makeover, & wearing her lovely pressie! xxx

  4. isnt she adorable, thanks for blogging about her bow, she looks amazing after her pamper!


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