Monday, 28 May 2012

An Inside Job

Happiness that is, is an inside job. I've had a difficult week or so but finally managed to get back in my art room today and have a play with my fab Suzi stamp, beeswax and lots of of sparkly loveliness and made this 5in x 7in canvas. What no Poppy? Her kennel name is Rebel Heart, so of course she is mentioned in a way as she makes me happy inside, so does mashed potato :o)
Then like so many of us bloggers do I was putting my watermark on my image and got distracted by all the different options, and my canvas ended up looking like this, now I don't know which I prefer!
You can get the Suzi stamp from Happy Daze.

Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. Oooh this is very yummy Sam, love your gorgeous background and the rebel heart is so cool. You made me laugh about mash potato, I always think about Bodger & Badger a kids programme (Badger love mashed potato LOL!):-D XX

    1. I have a passion for mashed potato that goes beyond words, I remember Bodger and Badger, going to be singing it all day now! xx

  2. They look great either way Sam and loving all the layers. xx

  3. Oh Sam this is sooo cute.
    Wonderful drawing. I love them. xoxo

  4. Lovely images and glad you feeling better

  5. Mmmm love both options Sam, the colours are gorgeous and bright and spring like and Rebel's face looks quite ethereal, but then again I love the black monotone version. Oh dear, glad I don't have to make a decision on this one.
    Take care.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  6. i am so sorry you have had a bad time,

    sending you hugs,

    Lucy x

  7. Great canvas Sam

    Hope things work out for you

    Sam xxx

  8. Sorry to hear you are leaving UPA. This is a lovely image Sam. Will keep up with your art on here though :)

  9. So lovely, looks really beautiful.

  10. Oh Sam, adorable.
    Aren't Suzi Girls fun?
    Lesley :)

  11. Love the way you coloured that girl!

  12. She's adorable! It's been hard for me to get art time lately, too . . . spring stuff, you know?



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