Thursday, 21 June 2012

Beeswax and Bugs

I really wanted to share with you my latest make for Happy Daze and this is it!
This is just the lid of a little wooden box . . .
. . . to see the rest of the box and for details of how to and the goodies used please see here.
This is a really short post as I've injured my back and just can't sit or stand at the computer :(
Wishing you a very lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. Been to see your's dreamily beautiful Sam! Hope your back improves soon
    Alison xox

  2. What a cute little make - it's gorgeous. I really hope that your back is better very soon my lovely xxx

  3. Oh wow Sam this is fabulous.
    Wonderful painting. Awesome. xoxo

  4. Ah what a sweet face. Take care of that back Sam.

  5. Hi Sam what a little beauty your box is. Hope your back is getting better. xx


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