Sunday, 3 June 2012

Being Brave

For the first time ever I thought I would be really brave and try to draw something!
I'm still being inspired by Suzi Blu's new book and I believe that's what given me the courage to 'have a go'.
There are many layers to this including a thin layer of beeswax on top, it was a very exciting creation to make because it was also the first time I've used gouache, if you haven't tried it I really recommend it, it's great for creating layers as it's transparent.
The whole thing didn't turn out quite as I planned, I wanted it to be more ethereal, but it's ok.
It was quite a challenge because it's also one of my biggest makes being a 12in x 12in canvas that had been lying around for about 4 years.
I learnt many things whilst making this as plenty of mistakes were made along the way.
Perhaps she should have a crown for the jubilee!
Wishing you a right royal weekend, Sam xxx


  1. Wow a great Suzi work Sam.
    Love the painting from you.
    Awesome. xoxo

  2. Beautiful and well done for trying something that scares you!

  3. Loving your take on the Suzi Blu style Sam, fabulous first attempt my friend. Annette x

  4. Brave and good!! May I say it's almost perfect, looks like a stamp, and it's coloured perfectly. You can't complain at all :-)

  5. A fabulous piece Sam, I haven't got anything Suzi Blu, but you sure are inspiring me to look and seem more of it. Just love the the girl's face and the bird on her shoulder.
    Happy Jubilee weekend.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  6. Hi Sam. wowser, your drawing is superb, really beautiful (can't believe it's your first attempt) love it. xxx

  7. Fabulous piece Sam, well done you brave girl! xx

  8. Well done you for giving it a go xxx

  9. I love this Sam. The saying is wonderful and so true. Her face and hair are so beautiful... and those are very hard to draw, IMHO! Will look into the gauche.

  10. Just a fabulous piece, love the saying.

  11. Hi Sam, isn't Suzi's newest book great??? Love your canvas. I think you did a bang up job here.
    Happy Royal weekend and week. Loved watching it on TV here and seeing our Native Indians in the canoe on the Thames. Wonderful display of vessels.
    Take care and keep creating Sam....practice practice. PS always wondered about Gouache??? I was looking at some today...hmmm do I need another medium......yes I think I do.

  12. A fabulous piece of art Sam, I would never have thought this was your first piece. I got the new Suzi Blue book last week
    xxx Hazel.

  13. wow well done on tackling a 12 x 12 canvas that would scare the pants off me! You have done a fantastic job and your sketching is brilliant. Keep it up. :)

  14. This is wonderful! I love the words that you included in this too.

  15. Incredible! Really a fabulous piece!


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