Friday, 27 July 2012

A bit of sparkle

Each month at UKStampers I arrange a postcard swap, the theme for July was 'Childhood', growing up is so hard to do and I think I still have a bit to do as I still don't know what I want to be when I'm an adult. It's taken 40 years so far trying to figure it out!

I thought I would share with you the news about my back as lots of you have kindly asked. The MRI scan revealed that I have broken a disc which is now bulging out at the back of the spine touching nerves. To top it all off the broken bit of disc is floating around in my spinal canal, not good. The disc has to be shaved so there is no bulge and the floaty bit removed. At the moment the only proper working part of me is my left arm and I'm right handed lol!

I do hope the sun is shining for you today, it was 80 degrees in bedroom last night!
Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. Sounds horrible, Sam - hope they can fix things quick. I do so love your childhood postcard - I'm guessing you can't strike that pose at the moment. Ouch!

  2. It all sounds horrendous Sam! Hope you get the necessary treatments soon! How you managed to produced such a beautiful piece of postcard art is beyond me! I love it! Still got loads of growing up to do myself...don't think I'll bother! Lol!
    Have a good weekend, here's hoping for a cooler night tonight!
    gentle hugs,
    Alison xx

  3. Hi Sam, oh my sounds like you are in terrible discomfort. Will you be getting surgery any time soon?
    Love your PC, speaks volumes to me. I don't want to grow up, having too much being who I am.
    thanks for your kind comment on my upcycle project.

  4. Loving your pretty postcard Sam and hope you get your op soon, x

  5. Fabulous postcard!I really hope you get your back dealt with soon,there's nothing worse.

  6. Mmmmm love the backgrounds and fabulous stamping Sam, a fabulous piece.
    Sorry to hear about your back, sounds very painful and uncomfortable. Hope it can be sorted real soon for you.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  7. So wonderful, I really love all the details.

  8. Another fabulous postcard Sam. I'm sorry to hear about your back problems, it sounds horrible and I hope you can get it sorted soon.
    xxx Hazel.


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