Saturday, 26 January 2013

Poppy and the snowflakes

I am yet to find a dog who doesn't like to play in the snow and Poppy has had great fun this past week. 
One day when I wasn't looking Poppy sneaked in to my art room and made this card to celebrate the snowflakes.  She is a very clever dog and must have been watching how I use my cuttlebug and Alice Palace stamps.
Wishing you a warm, cosy day, Sam and Poppy xxx


  1. heheheh , a crafter-dog, never heard of it!I'm a huge fan of Poppy, even when she doesn't craft!

    Gorgeous card, love how you used just a little piece of that stamp.

  2. Oh what a clever dog Poppy is - your fortune is made Sam :)
    Fab fun card Sam, love it and a super photo of Poppy x

  3. She's such a clever dog - your card is fab.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. Fabulous Poppy which always inspires you so much !! Nice and so funny card !!! A real pleasure to look at it, and poppy playing in the snow! xx

  5. What a clever girl Poppy is making this! The cuttlebug couldn't have been easy with her furry paws so she's done very well!

    My doggies help me when I'm making cards, but they've yet to make any of their own yet :-)

    Rose xx

  6. Ooooh clever Poppy and a self portrait too. Lovely bright, attractive card Poppy. A great job while Mum wasn't looking.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  7. How did I miss this one?! Clever Poppy! xxx

  8. Hi Sam, how did I miss this one, so cute and colourful. Fab idea of Poppy's to use the polka dot card for a snow effect. She looks like she has a snowy beard LOL. XX


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