Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Warning!! lots of photo's!

 For a really, really long time I have wanted to make a book, but I've been frightened to because all the wonderful books that are being made in blogland and they're so stylish and the sense of continuity through the books is amazing. Anyway for this weeks challenge at Stampotique I gave in to the make a book urge. Lovely Sarinda is challenging us to use text paper in our creations and I always feel guilty when destroying a book so by making another book I felt like I was recyling and didn't feel so bad.
I featured my furry friend Poppy and when I finished the book I looked at it I realised that if Poppy could write a book it would probably be something like this. I made the inside pages by folding, scoring and cutting a 12in x 12 in piece of paper, and the covers are chipboard and it's closed with some red and white polka dot ribbon which perfectly matches Poppy's collar. Bear with me for the photo's as the book wouldn't lay flat and I had the camera in my other hand . . .
 Yes Poppy, be quiet!
 Poppy and I do indeed believe there are fairies in the garden ;)

I think Poppy is a very wise little pup. All the stamps used are Stampotique, if you'd like a list or a name of a particular stamp please email me, or leave a comment and I'll reply asap.
Thanks so very much for looking, wishing you a wonderful day, Sam xxx


  1. That's so cute! I love it Sam! Poppy's a very wise pup! xxx

  2. Brilliant Sam! Love it all xxx

  3. Is Poppy very proud of her book? It is adorable Sam, so much effort and it is all worth it :)
    Lynn xx

  4. wow, each page is as cute as the previous one!


  5. Absolutely ADORABLE !!! And very smart... I LOVE all your bucolic scenes and texts, really famous book ! Have a great time with your Poppy ! Coco xxx

  6. OH I am indeed in love with this sweet little book :)

  7. loving your cute book Sam and am sure Poppy is going to be next best seller. x

  8. wow.... Love it. and your little dog too. lol

  9. Samantha, I really, REALLY love Poppy's book! That you have put so much love and detail (like the ribbon closure that perfectly matches Poppy's collar) into tis project is just amazing and a statement of your dedication both to your art and to your perfect pup Poppy! Mwah!

  10. What a fantastic little book, inspired by the gorgeous Poppy, beautiful sentiments and love the idea of @hug enclosed' xx

  11. This is truly beautiful Sam, you and Poppy should be very proud xx

  12. Samantha, I can't believe that you WAITED to create a book!!! But it sure was worth the wait!!! OMG, this is just fabulous!! I love every inch of it!
    Val :)

  13. Love this Sam, it's gorgeous!

    Rose x


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