Saturday, 21 September 2013

Here's one for Gio!!!

It's no secret I love making postcards and I'd love to share this weeks with you which was inspired by a comment left by Gio. I mention Poppy and my love of dogs quite often on my blog and Gio, who has a lovely cat was asking; 'What about the cats??'. So I hope you like it Gio!!!
Wishing you a lovely weekend, Sam xxx


  1. This is really fun, I love it!! Hugs Juls xxx

  2. Samantha, I was a cat lady longer than I have been a dog lady, so I can still love this postcard!!! So love Hazel...and her multitude of cats! Lots of cheer here!

  3. hahaha, that a great card for Gio indeed, she will certainly LOVE it !!!! Well done Sam, and you chose gorgeous colours for Gio too, it's funny and really beautiful. Big hugs from me and my two guinea pigs Lol! xxx

  4. Fabulous piece, I love my cats too.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  5. ehheh of course I love it!!
    You are a crazy, kind and talented lady, Sam( even if you have a glamorous dog :-))

  6. A super fun piece Sam and one that I'm sure Gio will enjoy. Just love those cats sat in a pyramid.
    Hugs to you and Poppy
    Lynn xx

  7. Well it looks like Gio as well!


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