Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Fly among the flowers . . .

. . . that's what this little chap/chappette is doing, or you could make a postcard.
It's no secret I LOVE making postcards, starting off with a piece of white card measuring 6in x 4in and just seeing what kind of a journey my stamps can take. 
The challenge this week at Stampotique is hosted by teamie Sue, check out her fab art on her blog here, and this week she is inviting us to use a 6in x 4in anything to create on, it doesn't have to be a postcard, you might have a canvas that size or a block of wood! Here's what Sue says:

"it's Sue here and I'm delighted to be hosting this weeks challenge. I'm sure that every crafter has had that block where their mojo has packed it's bags and gone on holiday. I know I've sat and looked at a sheet of card and had no ideas at all. One way I've got to get over this is just to decide what size or shape I want to make. So I pick a card or a tag, or in this case a postcard. Postcards are great fun and it's amazing how much you can get on a 6x4 (inches) area. So this week I would like you to make a postcard. Have Fun!"

The stamps I used are: Design Cube, Daisy Daisy, Baby Cthulhu and some new releases: Unleash Yourself, Barcode Text and Bird Cage.

Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. Really fun!!! Loving the colour combo!!! Hugs Juls xxxx

  2. Beautifully striking colours and great design. Looks like you had fun with this one xx

  3. This is fabulous Sam, I love these colours together. Isn't it amazing what you can do with a piece of white card xx

  4. wow, you rocked my stamps Sam, thank you so much for that!
    and combining them to Roc's works fantastic!!

  5. great job! thanks for using my new unleash yourself stamp! i appreciate it so much!

  6. Love the colour pallet you choose for this postcard! Like the texture you added then those little hanging down flowers are so cute .... There is so much to this postcard .... Fab job Sam!

  7. I love the pink and turquoise and the way you used the negative shape of the 'unleash yourself' stamp. Fab postcard, Sam !
    Corrie x

  8. That little pink cutie is flying among the stars, for me!! It's soooooo stunning!

  9. First, love that turquoise/pink color palette, Sam! I also think very crafty using your "daisy, daisy" stamp upside down! So cool! Great way to transform the "Unleash Yourself" stamp into something magical!

  10. Lovely colour combination so clean and fresh. Gorgeous stamps which i need and on a postcard. Fabulous ArT :-) xxx

  11. This is brilliant Sam, & the colours are gorgeous! xxx

  12. Super cute, love love the association of these stamps (I'm still waiting for Baby cthulhu I've ordered a while..) and the colors you used, they are great!! Hugs, good night to Poppy :D
    Well... good night to you too tee-hee or have a wonderful day if you don't have a look on your mails before tomorrow! :) xxx

  13. What a funny little fella he is!! He shouldn't be in cage though so glad he is flying free amongst the flowers :)
    Hugs to you and Poppy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. I can always visualise your postcards in frames, to be displayed as affirmations.
    Love that you create with cuteness but it is always with an arty feel to it - you really do create such special art.
    Have a great day and here's to the sun shining on you and Poppy :)
    Lynne x


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