Friday, 30 May 2014

And the winner is . . .

Poppy has been busy choosing a winner for my first ever giveaway . . .
. . . drumroll . . .
. . . Kay Wallace :)
check out Kay's fab blog here!
Thanks for all your support, lovely comments and for joining in my giveaway xxx


  1. Congratulations Kay, you lucky lady :)

  2. Thanks for both the "shout out" and the win, Sam (and Princesss Wiggle Pants)! I am thrilled!

  3. Congrats to Kay, really happy for her!! Hugs xxx

  4. Dear Poppy
    Although I sit with a fixed smile on my face and send a congratulatory message to Kay I am however very disappointed with you Poppy. Yes, you never imagined I would utter such words but it is true. Did you not receive the gift (some mean folks might call it a bribe) of doggie biscuits?!
    Maybe next time I will need to include a shiny squeaky toy if that is what it takes!
    I am not one to hold grudges so I will finish with a
    'night, 'night and tell you that you are looking mighty cute (as always)
    Auntie Lynne


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