Saturday, 10 May 2014

Scooter Girls!

 Following yesterday's excitement I would love to share another creation I have made using Roc's fab stamps. 
I like to be able to tell a story with things I make but this one could now have two meanings!! I have a very painful back condition, it's constant and I sometimes joke that I will one day be in a mobility scooter and that I shall get a basket put on the front for Poppy to ride in. I can just imaging her floppy ears flapping in the wind as we would go along. Then this week Poppy got hit accidentally by one of these mobility scooters and now she has a poorly leg. 
Yet we keep smiling and gently walking enjoying natures treats for us.
The stamps I used for this tin are: Scooter Girl, Dog, Stacked Love, Heart Vine and Scalloped Lace Border.
All of Roc's stamps can be found here!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and watch out for scooter girls!! Sam xxx


  1. Hope Poppy's leg gets better very soon, how ironic it was a motorbility scooter! Glad you both still enjoying the countryside.

    Love your Scooter Girl stamped tin, fab colours and i love your story:-) xxx

  2. awesome. love how creative this is!

  3. Fantastic job you did done. Bravo!!!
    Hugs Tamara

  4. Oh poor Poppy, hugs and ear scratches and hope your leg soon heals.
    Fabulous canvas Sam, love it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

  5. Sam
    Poor Poppy and what a worry it would be for you seeing Poppy being hit by a mobility scooter.
    I absolutely love this tin, fabulously quirky (love the purple feet on the tin) and out there and I also love that despite your health, you retain a wonderful black sense of humour about your situation. Sometimes it is what can get us through.
    Here's to life being kinder to you and Poppy this coming week.

  6. Oh, poor Poppy... :( How painful and shocked you must have been my poor Sam. Fingers crossed for that she recovers her leg and all its mobility.. Huge hugs to her and you!
    Ang regarding this tin box, this is just a true tiny work of Art, absolutely delightful, I love it!!!!! xxxx

  7. Poor Poppy! Hope she's healed & better soon!
    Your tin is glorious, love the colours!
    Alison xxx

  8. So sorry to hear Poppy got hit by a mobility scooter, hope she recovers soon ! Congratulations on your DT post for Roc !
    Love your tin, you always have such great ideas !
    Corrie x

  9. Just adorable, Sam! Love the additional the charm!

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  11. Brilliant little box Sam, Roc's stamps look fab, and I'm with Kay, I love the charm too. I hope Poppy is fully recovered, hugs to you both xx


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