Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Heart for Freedom

This weeks challenge at Stampotique Designers Challenge Blog is Early Hallo'ween and his hosted by the very talented Carol, check out her fab blog here, this is what Carol has to say:

"I love Halloween and as a crafter it can never start early enough. So for the challenge this week I am sneeking it in a month early. So I hope you have fun getting your early Spook on. Carol x"

Personally I'm not a fan of Halloween and spooky things, but I really did have great fun making this and I don't think it's scary :) I hadn't made one of these for ages and they are easier than they look. 
Simply started off with an empty cardboard sellotape, draw around it to make the base. Stick 12 pieces of wire in your empty sellotape tube spread equal distances apart and you can then capture anything you like. The top of the wires are held together with a flattened metal bottle top, I prefer Budweiser ;) and use one the wires to make a hanging hoop at the top.
The stamps I used are:

Poor Skellie, he really does look like he his trying to buy his way out by bargaining with his heart.
Big thanks to all who took part in my challenge of using Just One Stamp, there were some amazing entries and I'm looking forward to seeing your early spooky makes, don't forget just by entering you are in with a chance of winning a £18/$30 gift voucher to spend at the Stampotique Online Store
Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. Ooohh love this one sam,wonderfully spooky.

    Donna xxx

  2. Very cool Sam, I love your cage, I want to make one now! I've never heard of sellotape but I'm off to google it. :)

  3. Love this Sam, she looks so sad in her cage xxx

  4. I love your cages and this is fabulous. I'm not a fan of Hallowe'en either, can frighten myself silly when a big spider scampers across the floor any time of th year :)
    Hugs to you and Poppy xxx

  5. :D That's gorgeous. Thanks for the smile on my face.

  6. This is way too cool!!! Thanks for the instructions.

  7. I have said it before but you really DO think out of the box and make some lovely projects. This one is great too !
    Corrie x

  8. Sam this is brilliant, and reading your 'how to' it sounds so simple - NOT! Enjoy your Bud ;-) xx

  9. I saw the beginning of the cage ..and then the rest...ehehhe I grinned. It's not scary, it's lovely in his own way and funny. Well done, Sam!

    Have a great weekend :-)

  10. This is gorgeous Sam <3 Wonderful project!

    xx Arwen

  11. Simply brilliant, love this Sam!! :D x

  12. Love this!
    You have the most amazing imagination. I wish I could live in your world, yes even with skeletons, for one day.
    Wishes to you and Poppy


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