Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Flying Hoopla

The magpie part of me just LOVES anything shiny and pretty and I've recently discovered bullion, a crinkly wire that catches the light beautifully as it moves.
So for this postcard for the new challenge at Stampotique hosted by the uber talented Corrie I made some bullion hoops for Agatha to fly through. The challenge is to paint your background, which I did, you can see the brush marks! Then using some white embossing powder and the wonderful text stamp completed the background. Then it was simply a case of stitching the top and bottom and giving Agatha her stars and fixing everything in place.
The stamps I used are: Agatha Heart  Agatha Star  and Journey Collage
I do hope you like my postcard, and just to let you know my last post did indeed jinx the weather, myself and Poppy got absolutely soaked this morning in a downpour of Biblical proportions!!
Wishing you a lovely dry day, Sam xxx


  1. Wow, this is beautiful, where did you get that wire? I love it!

  2. I love this little postcard Sam ! I love the colours, I love the white embossing, I love the hoops ! I love everything ! Great job !
    Corrie x

  3. Never heard of bullion but it looks great on your postcard, which I lov, Sam - very unusual.

    I can beat your downpour, in Cambridge we had a very short but intense ice storm. Definitely more than hail. Left white slush everywhere. Eeek!

  4. Totally love this Sam. beautiful background and I love the wire hoops. Hope you and Poppy have dried out now lol xx

  5. Agatha is beautiful, and so is your art work, Sam! Love both!

  6. I absolutely love what you have done with the Agatha. So cute, pretty and stunning. That bullion wire is a great find.

  7. This is cute Sam, love those rings xx

  8. As usual you put a smile on my face! Especially on these rainy days...

  9. Hi Sam, I have a flu, so soory to come a bit late to see all your last wonderful makes... :D
    I LOVE this card, a great one with the shiny wire and all the stars, also your lovely background and Agatha that really pops against it!! Have a lovely week-end, hope your are well and Poppy too! xxxx


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