Sunday, 10 May 2015

If I knew you were coming . . .

This was a song my mum used to randomly sing when I was a child, I thought she was just silly, then as an 18 year old I found out it was actually a REAL song, I was so shocked but in a nice way, now I randomly sing it too.
The song and baking some cakes today inspired me to decorate this old wooden spoon that had been in my kitchen draw for over 20 years, I used Agatha Cook and Tiny Handhelds, both Stampotique.
Hope you are having a lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. Hi Sam, fantastic altered spoons, perfect for Agatha Cook. I remember the song and now it's doing that thing in my head and won't stop lol.

    Hope Jack is feeling a little better today :-) xxx

  2. This is brilliant Sam, such fun
    Amanda x

  3. A fabulous altered spoon.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. Such a sweet little project !
    Corrie x

  5. I remember that song LOL. What a great way to repurpose an old and much used wooden spoon, rather than just chucking it. Fab!

  6. What an adorable altered spoon and such a lovely story too :)

  7. You know I love altered art !!! This one is so cute and unique!

  8. I love this Sam, you have had a fabulous idea, also the colouring is great, your spoon is yummy!!! Hugs, Coco xxx

  9. OMG! I love this, Sam! My mother use to always say that to unexpected company! In jest, of course! You were creatively thinking outside of the box on this one!


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