Tuesday, 21 July 2015

OMG! Here's a first!

Well here's something I thought I would NEVER do! I have used a digital stamp from here designed by Janet at Vera Lane Studio.
About 8 years ago when my crafty journey began I remember thinking digital art wasn't 'real' art because it was from a computer and your hands didn't get inky or painty. But over the years I've seen some beautiful digital art and for some time now I appreciate the creativeness of the digital world. 
Digital stamps are quite easy to use. You download the file and print off your image and away you go.
 I'm still a rubber girl at heart though!
Wishing you a lovely day. Sam xxx


  1. Love this, Sam! I've not delved into the digital stamp world. Almost afraid to! Skeered and feared I'll get hooked and I don't need anything else to get hooked on!!

  2. Welcome to the digi world. I love working with both equally these days! At least you don't have to find space in your stash for digis! I love your digi art and will look forward to seeing more. Beautiful piece by the way - made me smile xxx

  3. Love this Sam!
    It's just another way to print an image to create with. The versatility of creating any size, flip, rotate, pinch to make thinner or pull to make wider is a plus. I hope you'll play some more!

  4. You have done this digistamp proud ! Sam You shine at painting skys n clouds ! Lovely tones of blue n the light you've achieved on the top cloud is brill .
    Never dabbled with digi myself .
    hugs xx

  5. OMG Sam... Your art is incredible, how gorgeous this card is, even with digi!!! I must say that we really can't see the difference with a rubber stamp. Your colouring and background work well, everything is perfect and the whole absolutely adorable.
    I can confess to you that unlike you, I don't feel ready to jum in and try it by myself... I'm a rubber girl like you, and I don't have the courage to try this yet! However, octopode images and Vera lane too really make me hesitate... especially when I see such great samples :) Hugs xxx

  6. This is fab Sam, I need to download some and do my first.
    Amanda x

  7. Welcome to the world of digital, Sam :-) And what a beautiful piece you have created, still with that special Samantha Read style. Hope to see more!

    And thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog. It really means a lot to think I inspired you to change your mind. Deb x

  8. You had me fooled because, Sam, I never would have guessed this was a digital stamp!
    I had to have a wee smile because I thought exactly the same as you. How can they use the word stamp when the image is actually printed.... from the computer but also, like you, I did a U turn but my U turn came about due to a DT commitment which I had at that time. They are fun and as you have proved, in the hands of an artist, amazing art can be created! I love this so very much and love the sentiment. You have such a way with the whimsical.
    Love your art whether with a digital or rubber stamp :)
    Say Hello to Poppy from me!

  9. Wonderful art Sam!
    I have avoided digital, mainly from being a bit of a technophobe...lol...but also for the same reason as you...I love getting inky and painty hands! I love what you have done with this image.
    Have a happy day,
    Alison xox

  10. Really fab Sam, she looks beautiful! xx

  11. Love this and I thought the same about Digi's. I only make an exception for Janet's though !! :o)
    Corrie x

  12. It' s lovely,Sam. The coloration, the background, the sentiment. I think I could use digital stamps as well, why not, it's more fun stamping of course, but if the digi is a gorgeous image, it's alright!

  13. Such an amazing piece, I love it.


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