Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Scary Seagulls

 Yes indeed Seagulls can be very scary! Blink and they're nicking your chips!
Thinking of seagulls makes me think of the seaside and thinking of the seaside makes me think of postcards. Yep. I'm still making postcards.
Arwen is our hostess at Stampotique this week and she is challenging us to use junk or something from around the house to stamp a background. All the challenge details can be found here and Arwen's blog can be found here
Well you can't get more 'junk' than an empty toilet paper roll. When I worked with pre-school children these were ALWAYS in the junk modelling box. There is nothing you can't make if you some of these!
For my nautical postcard I squidged by empty cardboard tube at the sides and dipped it in blue paint. As simple as that.
On top of my blue pattern I stamped the following stamps:
The text was computer generated and I stamped Flying Bird on some white card and glued in place.
Go on join in the challenge. You could win $30/£20 to spend at the Stampotique online store!
Wishing you a lovely day. Sam xxx


  1. Gorgeous Sam ♥ Loving the pop of blue on the background ♥

    Thinking of seagulls I always remember seeing one that stole a hot dog and ate it whole !!!!

  2. Lol - this is brilliant Sam! Very on topic with the killer gulls we have here at the moment. I hate the wretched things...I don't mind them waking me at 3am with their squawking but they're so vicious and greedy. All the little birds in my garden have virtually given up visiting because of them and my kids are too scared to go out to play as they attack. I think I might pinch your loo roll idea, that is such a neat pattern. xxx

  3. Love your postcard! The background is great!!
    xoxo Arwen

  4. Scary indeed and sooooo noisy. I don't live beside the sea and yet the seagulls (does that just make them gulls?!!!) make a horrendous noise and they are not afraid of anything! Okay, any more talk of seagulls and I will be seeing them in my nightmares :(
    Love the addition of the message and so true - in fact I might need to show this to a neighbour who insists on feeding them so of course they now expect there to be food.
    Okay, count to 10 and breath!

  5. I love your loo roll stamp Sam! Brilliant postcard too! xox

  6. OMG Sam this is brilliant! Love the colours and the loo roll makes the perfect background. Have a great weekend xx

  7. Great postcard Sam! I had a doughnut stolen from my hand last year on Brighton Pier.... They are so cheeky ! Corrie x

  8. Love this postcard! Sam n what a clever way to stamp using the loo roll - would have never thought of that . Ya preschool work definitely wasn't wasted . have a lovely weekend hugs xx

  9. Hahaha, perfect !!! :D
    Thanks for the idea dear Sam. And I didn't know that you worked with pre-school children before... Certainly very interesting job! Bot also exhausting I think! LOL :)))
    Big hugs to you and Poppy, have a lovely week ahead xxx

  10. I love your postcard and what you've done with the loo roll, a great idea.
    xxx Hazel.


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