Sunday, 29 November 2015

They followed a star . . .

More quick and easy Christmas cards for me to share today and using just one stamp! 
Forgive me my comma button isn't working but I just love these cute and cheeky and lovable penguins who seem to be bewitched by the Christmas star.
These ATC sized cards were inspired a little by lovely Lynne who shared something on her blog a little while ago saying she had been taught to never mix silver and gold. She did and it looked gorgeous! So I saw that as a little challenge to mix silver and gold lol. My star is very silver and there is some gold glitter snow. Finally the stamp I used is simply called Penguins and can be found at the Stampotique online store here.
I hope you like them!
Wishing you a lovely day. Sam xxx


  1. I need to dig my penguins out these look fab!
    Amanda x

  2. Hi Sam, love those cheeky penguins they make a great fun looking Christmas card. x

  3. I love these ! Silver and gold go really well together !
    Corrie x

  4. Sam,
    Touched that anything I make could inspire you. I am also LOL'ing because I would love for my art teachers to see us who like to break silly rules! In art it seemed to be more about what could and could not be done instead of allowing us to break free and create. Another one was gold must always be with cream and silver with white.
    I so love your design because as always you hit that perfect pitch of adorable but also arty, I love that about your art :)
    Wonder if Poppy has been having fun in the snow, we had snow most of the day although it has turned to that wet, sludgy mess!

  5. I love silver and gold together. In face, it's the only way I use gold as I'm not a "gold girl!"

    Your cards are so adorably cute!

  6. aw these cards are so sweet ! Samantha . Love how the penguins all have their own unique characters . I used to think the same about mixing silver and gold but changed my mind when I bought a ring , mainly silver with a gold spinning band . The gold adds a warmth to the silver and it certainly does on your cards . Hope you are doing ok . big hugs xx

  7. These are wonderful Sam, I love your cute penguins xx

  8. Another bunch of very cute cards tee-hee!!! :) xxx

  9. These wee cards are just adorable, Sam! Love the humor in replacing the shepherds with penguins! Ha!

  10. These are so darn cute, couldn't not comment! :-)

  11. I love penguins and yours are so cute.
    xxx Hazel.


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