Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Thinking of Summer

As Christmas draws ever closer and the evenings get darker earlier my thoughts have been turning to the lovely summer Poppy and I shared in the garden so I thought I would try Art Journaling.
The journaling is about Poppy and the huge pigeons that visited the garden each day and tormented her. They would arrive at 5pm and sit in the elderberry tree enjoying a feast and shaking their tail feathers as Poppy watched and occasionally barked at them. They took absolutely no notice of Poppy and stayed till their bellies were full. How they managed to fly after eating so many berries baffled me!
The stamp I used for the dog is one of my absolute favourite Stampotique stamps: Thinking of You! which can be found here. The other stamps I used are by Susan Weckesser. The tree is SO versatile I love it and the birds are so cute. Susan's stamps can be found here. The stamp sets I used are: A little bit washi, At ground level and Journal doodles with a heart. 
I do hope you like my postcard it's something a little different to what I usually do!
Wishing you a lovely day. Sam xxx


  1. HI Sam sorry I'm behind on my commenting but trying to catch up today . What a lovely journal page to help keep those summer days alive during the darker nights and cold days of winter . I love that you have narrated your imagery and the wonderful scene you have created . Your right those birdies are so cute !
    Big hugs to you and Poppy and stay cosy xx

  2. Hi Sam, love your postcard, that is one cute little dog and love the little story on it too. x

  3. It is very lovely, Sam; I can just hear Poppy bard at those big bad pigeons !
    Corrie x

  4. A fabulous page, I can just picture Poppy barking at the pigeons.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. What a wonderful page Sam! We get those pesky pigeons in our garden too! xxx

  6. Your art journaling is rare but precious... :)
    Simply love this page inspired by Poppy and its troubles with the pigeons!
    Big hugs to you both.
    Coco xxx

  7. Of course I like your postcard!
    It is all the more special for Poppy being the inspiration. Imagine poor Poppy being tormented by the pigeons, who can blame Poppy for barking at them!

  8. You captured a great summertime event in your art today, Sam! Love it!

  9. Love this Sam, but poor old Poppy being tormented by the pigeons lol. I can't wait for next Summer xx


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