Sunday, 31 January 2016

Little houses

I love to make little things to hang around my home and make it pretty and I have missed playing with wood and wire recently and wanted a quick project to make so I revisited something I made a little while ago but this time using the Tumbleweed Houses stamp set by Susan K. Weckesser.
I started by piercing some holes through my little piece of wood using an awl and threading the wire through. I then simply stamped and coloured the houses using Derwent water colour pencils and glued in place by leaving a little tab on the bottom of the houses when cutting. I think they are super cute houses with glittery roofs and shiny little windows. They can be found here at Unity.
Hope you are having a lovely day and keeping warm and dry. Sam xxx


  1. Love your little houses Sam, so cute and presently beautifully with the wood and wire.
    happy Sunday.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  2. Absotively LOVE this, Sam! So cute and functional too!

  3. This is lovely Sam you have made a thing of beauty

  4. Little houses are one of my favourite things and these are just adorable. I haven't seen these particular stamps, which is unfortunate as I shall now need to buy them! Have seen your piece in Craft Stamper and can't wait 'til you blog it here :)

  5. Such a gorgeous little project, Sam!
    Hope you and Poppy are having a great weekend !
    Corrie x

  6. What a great piece to adorn your wall, love it
    Amanda x

  7. When do I get the keys to move in?!!!!
    Adorable creation and I love the addition of the wee bird :)
    wishes to you and Poppy.

  8. I love these little houses, Sam! And that bird is adorable sitting off to the side!

  9. This is brilliant Sam, the little houses are fabulous and the colours are lovely.
    xxx Hazel.

  10. I love your wood'n'wire projects, Sam, and have missed them. This one is especially lovely because it is about home--a brightly color and happy home! Well done!

  11. They are super cute Sam!!!!!
    The glitter on the roofs and your choice of shades and colours is truly fantastic, simply adore this.
    And your idea to make them stand up in line on this piece of wood is awesome as usual, so well done and beautiful project, with the little bird at right side being the icing on the cake!! :D
    Big hugs to you and Poppy, sorry for the late visit and commenting but it seems that things will not become more easy for me before long... :( xxx

  12. I LOVE this super cute wall hanging . Looks like a really cool street to live on - so bright and cheery . I love the contrast of materials - the paper, wood and wire - you Always do them so well . The little bird is such a lovely touch too . big hugs xx

  13. Your little houses are fabulous Sam, a lovely project to adorn your wall! xxx


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