Monday, 15 February 2016

C'mon Springtime we're waiting!

I don't know about you but after all the rain and grey days Poppy and I are very much looking forward to Spring and to be able to go out with out wellies and a scarf. Also to be able to take proper daylight photos of art!! 
 It's my birthday soon and my daughter treated me to a new art book called Creative Girl. It's a really beautiful book and very inspirational and features lots of watercolour art. The book gave me the confidence to try some new things and the result is this postcard for my spot for the Roc Nicholas Design Team this month.
I used Roc's fab Bunny stamp which can be found right here 
I began by stamping Bunny in a light grey ink and then painting using Derwent watercolour pencils. I don't use the pencil directly to the paper I take my water brush to the pencil and lift the colour from the nib.
I wanted to create a pretty and full of energy postcard so Bunny had to be my favourite colour combination of pink and turquoise. When I had finished adding colour I went over Bunny outlines with a pencil to give him a hand drawn look.
Only 41 days till the clocks go forward in the UK folks!! :) :) :)
Wishing you a lovely day. Sam xxx


  1. Lovely loose creating, great result too :D I can't wait for the spring also, walking is just so chilly lately, puts you off! Hope you have a wonderful birthday Samantha :D xx

  2. Love how you have used watercolours and, in particular, the colours you have used for Bunny. I know exactly what you mean about the light!!!

  3. A beautifully painted postcard Sam, the colours are lovely.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. Yes, even in the U.S., we are looking forward to Springtime already. The weather (and the temperatures) have just been all over the place--sub zero two days ago and today it will be 50 F. Love Roc's bunney and it is sure to be a harbinger of Spring in your bright colors!

  5. This is a very lovely card Sam, I also LOVE Roc's Nicolas Bunny stamp (should use it more as it can be used in various ways moreover, you show that well!), and I simply love your way today... Your card is very clever too (as usual!), inking it in light grey then outlined it with a pencil to give him a hand drawn look is a fantastic idea ooo!! Especially appropriate for such watercolored card... :)
    Big hugs to you and Poppy of course, and I wish you a wonderful birthday maybe too late this time!!!??? Lol. xxxx

  6. So beautiful...I feel like Spring is just around the corner! xxx

  7. a really wonderful delicate spring card! Sam . You have captured the energy that we all seem to getat Springtime after being cooped up all winter long but love that you have kept the colours so delicate and pastelly .
    Not long now ....
    Big hugs xx

  8. There is such a charming quality to this, it is captivating. Maybe it is the colours, I cannot explain it but I love this so much.


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