Sunday, 15 May 2016


It's my turn today for the Roc Nicholas design team and I would like to share with you this postcard I made using Roc's Little Church stamp which can be found right here at the Stampotique online store, along with all of Roc's other fabulous designs.
It's been quite a tough 12 months or so and I have indeed done a lot of praying. I'm not sure entirely what I believe in, but I do believe in a power or force that helps us when we need it and puts us where we need to be so our souls can learn and grow.
Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. A gorgeous postcard Sam, love the contrast of the muted background colours to the beautifully bright focal image. Sorry to hear life has been tough, wishing you some brighter days ahead xx

  2. We have to believe in something, don't we?! This is so beautiful and calm.

  3. Wow! What a superb background, very powerful and shows the main image off perfectly. I just want to peek inside the door and see what's inside.x

  4. This is lovely Sam! Hoping your prayers are answered xxx

  5. I love this so much Samantha!

  6. This is a gorgeous card Sam, really.
    And as for the faith... I think I'm like you, not sure what I believe in, but in a power of force that helps us to go ahead, yes :)
    Hugs to Poppy and you my lovely friend. Coco xxx

  7. This is really lovely Sam, so peaceful. Lots of love to you and Poppy xx

  8. I really LOVE this ! Sam To me it has a real depth . I like how you explain your belief .
    Sending you lots of positive energies for the days and months ahead and heres hoping for some 'better' days for you .
    hugs x

  9. Sam, I am sorry to read it has been such a rough time for you, here's to brighter days ahead for you.
    Lynne xx


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