Friday, 22 July 2016

A note for your diaries

It's very difficult to type whilst happy dancing but on Monday 25th July, Stampotique are releasing some new stamps. 
I can confirm it is a fantastic batch of new images being released, but it's all top secret until Monday.
I'd like to whet your appetite and share a sneeky peek of 4 makes using the same new stamp in each, you'll have to come back Monday to see them in full!

 Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


  1. There is definitely a space rocket with looks like the reindeer head peering through the window, Can't wait to see them. x

  2. Not bad enough that you tease us on Facebook? Now you're teasing us on your blog as well!
    I'll see you Monday. First thing. Be ready!!

  3. Very sneaky Sam, love these little peeks xxx

  4. Oh no!!!! I am supposed to be cutting back on my spending - this will not work. Can't wait to see them, and the whole of your lovely sample. Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Oooo, the sneek peaks are FABULOUS!!!!
    Now I can go and see tee-hee :D (not yet done I promise... You're the first one that I visit of the blog hop! :)
    Big hugs to you and your princess xxx

  6. You are sneaky with your peeks!
    Wishes To You & Poppy :)

  7. As I'm late tothe party I have already seen these sneaky peak projects and each one is stella . Big hugs xx


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